Customized Software Design & Implementation

Very often, generic "boxed" software applications fail to provide the full functionality and flexibility required for optimal process flow within your business. Just as clothing marketed as "one size fits all" fall short on that promises, so does mass-market software.

After thorough consultation and analysis of your required business processes, we will design a customized software application to allow you to achieve maximum efficiency in your day-to-day information processing.

Customized Reporting

Even $100,000 software applications may lack specific reporting features necessary to maximize your bottom line. Maybe you need reports with additional granularity, summarizations, sorting, or dynamic calculations.

We can develop customized reporting modules to access your data directly and provide you precisely the flexibility and output options you require.

Forms Processing & OCR

Do you receive and manually process data on paper documents/forms? Or perhaps you receive documents as images or PDF files? Common document data includes order forms, surveys, insurance claim forms, bills of lading, and more. Using advanced technologies, your PC can identify and separate specific forms/documents from scanned images and other file formats.

Once the document has been correctly identified, your PC can perform high-accuracy optical character recognition to locate and extract required text - and even checkbox and other indicators - from the document. This data can then be automatically posted to your business database for further processing. We offer expertise in development of scanning, OCR, error-correction, data extraction, and all other technologies necessary to automate paper and imaged-forms processing. This minimizes human labor burden and data entry error.

Electronic Data Interchange, Data Translation & Mapping

One benefit of the power of today's computing platforms and the availability of high-speed Internet connections is that data can now be transmitted and received electronically. The most common challenge is to properly process the data - changing format or structure - before inbound data can be processed, or before local data can be transmitted to others.

We can design a solution to permit your business to take advantage of EDI.

Client Web Portal

Clients of nearly every type of business are coming to expect the ability to access their account information via a website customer portal. If you do not provide a portal with suitable features and usability, you may be at a disadvantage to your competition. Maybe you already offer a portal - but it lacks necessary features.

We can design a portal, with appropriate access to your business database, to permit your authorized clients the ability to view or update their own account data.