Here At The Project Heap, we
fully analyze your business process|Apply latest technologies to your challenges|Guarantee you fast ROI|work with you to improve your bottom line

Efficiency Yields Profitabilty

We help you Increase your Efficiency and Productivity.

Technology grows increasingly powerful with each passing day. One of the key factors in business success is minimizing overhead and other costs through increased efficiency and productivity. When you implement our software solutions, you move further toward maximizing your bottom line. Our solutions involve comprehensive review of your business practices, requirements, and goals. We then evaluate specific technologies to determine the degree to which they will benefit you and your business. Finally, we present the options to you for your decision.

Once you have chosen among the range of solutions offered, we begin the design and implementation phase. During this phase we will invite your comments, questions, and suggestions as we present each phase for review.

Guaranteed Return On Investment

That's right... we GUARANTEE an acceptable ROI!

With few exceptions, business decisions must take into consideration projected ROI. Before we undertake any project, we first perform a comprehensive analysis of your current business processes. We then examine your goals in detail - and determine how current technology may be utilized to achieve those goals. Finally, we balance the savings, additional revenues, and costs related to implementing any of our presented solutions. We will not undertake any project where we anticipate greater than six (6) months required for 100% ROI. Most of our projects yield 100% ROI within thirty (30) days = and that is the way we like it! After thirty days, you are profiting each and every time you utilize our solutions.

In the event the projected ROI is longer than either party - or both parties - prefer, we are open to special arrangments including but not limited to reduction of our fees to ensure that the targeted ROI is achieved. This is our PROMISE to you!